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Below are frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance contact us by clicking here.




If I miss open enrollment can I buy a Makers Club Kit?




-Open enrollment occurs every 2 months. Be sure to act quickly when the dates are posted. The Makers Kit is exclusive to subscription members for at least 6months. The enrollment schedule is listed at the bottom of this page. You can view the schedule by clicking here.




Can I return the recycled items I purchased from the ArtCycle Store?


-The items purchased from the store are sold as-is and are not returnable.




Can I exchange my Makers Kit?




-We try to promote recycling and challenge your creativity. We are unable to exchange or give a refund for Makers Kit.




Can I resell artwork made with Makers Kit?




-Yes, if you are personally making the items. Designs are created exclusively for this club and are licensed. If you are interested in a multiple use fair license agreement, please contact me directly.




I cannot access the instructional video. What now?


-Check your login information and resubmit. Written instructions accompany each Maker Kit order.




I already signed up for the Makers Club. Do I need to sign up again?




-No, subscriptions are billed automatically every other month. Subsequent “Open enrollment” invitations allow others to sign up; you will not need to re-register. When you sign up through PayPal, click on reoccurring payments to complete charges.




What types of payments to you accept?




-PayPal is used to process all orders.




I want to change how I pay my subscription. How do I switch?


-PayPal discourages changing payment methods. You may change banking information on PayPal's website. Be sure to update any changes in your primary account to avoid service interruptions.




How do I stop my Makers Club subscription?




-We hate to see you go, however, you may opt out at any time. Just login to your PayPal account and navigate to the ‘my recurring payments’ section. This will list all of your subscriptions, and you just have to click ‘cancel’.




Do you sell items wholesale?




-Our pricing is much lower than traditional retail because they are from reclaimed sources. In most cases, they are even lower than wholesale.




You are sold out of this item. Can I back order?




-Our stock is based on the ebb and flow of recycling.  Stock items vary from 1 unique piece to 1000 of another item. For this reason we only post what is in stock until we run out.




Where is my Order?




-It takes 2-3 weeks to process orders. Shipping within the USA may take up to 3-5 days.  International shipping may take longer. We will send your tracking information once your order is shipped.  See details below for shipping information.






Shipping Information via United States Postal Service: 




Free Shipping for orders:


$50.00 and up for orders in the U.S. and its territories 


$100.00 and up for Canada and  Mexico 


$150.00 for all other countries.




-USPS First Class Mail (USA: $4.00 for orders under 5 lbs, 10.00 for order 5 lbs and up): Arrival within 3-5 business days and provides tracking


-USPS First Class International (Canada & Mexico: $20.00; All other countries: $25.00): Arrival within 10-15 business days. Customs may take time to process your parcels and the postal system in the receiving country. Once your package leaves the USA, we have no way of tracking that. 














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