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Artcycle TX - Found Objects Makers List

****Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, we are temporarily NOT accepting any donated items at this time. Please check CALENDAR OF EVENTS for updates. Thank You and stay SAFE.

We accept these items:

          Donated materials (new & gently used)

          Salvaged materials

          Liquidation items purchased from public and private businesses

* Everything Paper:

Lined, unlined, construction, die cut, newspaper, rice paper, printed, strips, beads, card board, note cards, mat board, confetti, envelopes, scrapbook,  painted, game boards, tinted, handmade, sampler, envelopes, boxes, fiber books, fiber magazines, art books… 


*Everything Plastic:

Caps, dice, blocks, sheets, toys, game pieces, spools, miniatures, buttons, cups, boards, signs, straws, sheets, folders, pens, lettering, hoses, tubes, tape, cables, chips…

*Everything Glass:

Glass jars, essential oil bottles, miniature bottles, buttons, glass beads, eye glasses, vials, glass pedestals, frame glass, tumbled glass,…

*Everything Wood:                  

Dowels, knobs, clothes pins, boxes, blocks, chips, golf tees, cubes, sticks, slices, small bamboo,  buttons, wooden balls, die cut, scrap, beads, spools, twigs, frames…

*Everything Metal:

Shiny, smooth, wire, nails, hoops, keys, screws, bolts, ornaments, pots, utensils, tools, clips, pins, miniatures, jewelry findings, mesh, pans, copper, tacks, frames...

*Everything Fiber/Notions:

Fabric - silk, cotton, twill, canvas, chiffon, rayon, scraps, squares, small cuts, threads, Velcro, elastic, needles, buttons, rippers, chalk, zippers, trimming, binding, cords, lace, yarn, fiber fill, string,  notions, spools, nylon...


* Everything Draw and Paint:

Oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, latex, primer, gesso, floetrol, brushes, rollers, palettes, charcoal, chalk, pastels, dyes, ink, pencils, pens …


* Everything Rubber & Vinyl:

 Cups, beads, cover sheets, numbers, blocks, dice, bowls, toys, vials, buckets, keys, bags, brushes, pens, tags, clips, rings, garland, frames...

 * Everything Clay/Tile

Tiles, small rocks, ceramic tile, terra cotta, pots, glass, stone, shell, plaster, polished, rough, decorative...


Non- toxic only (must be safe for humans)

No clothing of any kind (check thrift stores and churches)

No explosive liquids, old house paint or motor oil (check local city sanitation)

No hand washed food containers (reduces pest infestation)

No appliances, furniture, scarp metal or tires (check thrift stores and scrap companies)

No large quantities that prohibit storage until redistribution

Other suggested place to recycle/donate:  local schools, churches, recreation centers, shelters and libraries.

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